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Nick Jenkins, Founder –

"MNC were instrumental in shaping Moonpig’s first TV campaign…

They not only managed the media buying but also held out hands through the process of finding the right creative agency. The campaign was a massive success from the first day and that is due in large part to MNC’s deep understanding of direct response TV.”

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Alice Mrongovius, CEO –

“MNC are fantastic agency but we’re always looking at new ways to buy TV. They’ve embraced our demands incredibly well.…

We’ve really been able to get much higher ROI when it comes to media spend on TV through bringing that data and tech analysis into the way TV is bought and sold”

Clients / Oak Furniture Land

Paul Brock, Marketing Director – Oak Furniture Land

"We worked extremely closely with MNC across both media and creative before the launch of our first TV campaign in August 2011.…

They have been fundamental to the continued rapid growth of Oak Furniture Land as a business and we cannot recommend them highly enough”

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Dermot Kelleher, Director of Marketing and Business Intelligence –

"MNC’s high-quality, responsive and flexible senior management team have been a key partner for during a crucial period of growth.…

While our media strategy has evolved since launching above-the-line in 2014, MNC continue to align all aspects of their approach to our commercial KPIs.

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Kishore Naib, Director –

"Since starting work with MNC in Summer 2011, I have found them to have a fantastic understanding of our business and marketing objectives…

Deciding to work with them was a key decision for the ongoing growth of our company.”

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Tom Bennett, Marketing Director –

"MNC have been fundamental in the phenomenal growth we have experienced since 2002…

In that time they have successfully helped shape and innovate our marketing strategies to help deliver competitive edge. Through carefully understanding our business needs they have ensured that ROI targets have been surpassed each year.”

Clients / Foxy Bingo

Spencer Davis, Marketing Director – Foxy Bingo

"Since working with MNC, they have quickly proven extremely efficient at ensuring our ROI objectives have been met…

Their intensive day to day management of our campaign has been of the highest standard.”