Our Services

More than just a
media agency

Our involvement in our clients’ business goes far beyond their media plans

Media Planning
& Buying

We take a media agnostic view of the ever-changing landscape to plan and execute campaigns across all traditional and digital media.

Every aspect of strategy is based upon a detailed understanding of a client's business model and their specific growth objectives.

We put huge emphasis on producing bespoke, flexible strategies, rather than off-the-shelf solutions. We allow our clients to take advantage of fluid market dynamics as opposed to rigid, early commitment procedures. Attribution analysis guides a labour-intensive approach to optimisation buying across all media while each campaign is live. We act on analysis to deliver inventory in the most efficient and effective way possible – not just the quickest way possible.

Romi Analysis
& Optimisation

We have a unique approach to analytics and data management which allows us to build scalable ROI models.

We understand how granular optimisation and sophisticated analysis can be utilised to improve high-level business performance metrics

Strategic insight is used to optimise the conversion of paid media campaigns across clients’ owned channels


We take an extremely active role in the development of our clients' creative strategy.

We understand how crucial creative is to the success and effectiveness of any media campaign.

We work with trusted partners across all media that share our independence, commitment to ROI and our understanding of challenger brands. We also collaborate with creative agencies appointed separately by our clients. We invest our time and resources across every stage of creative development to ensure that our knowledge of what works, and doesn't work, is implemented.