Oak Furniture Land ranked 11th in Adwatch of the year

Adwatch of the Year rankings recognises Oak Furniture Land as one of the most memorable brands of 2015.

From Sainsbury’s and John Lewis through to Sky and ComparetheMarket.com, Marketing Magazine’s Adwatch of the Year, in association with Ebquity and TNS, reveals the ads that have caught the attention of the nation this year.

Adwatch of the Year charts 2015’s 20 best-recalled TV brands and the best-liked advertising, outside of the Christmas ad scrum, that Adwatch has featured throughout 2015. 

Oak Furniture Land went straight into number 11 in the Adwatch top 20 brands with the highest recall in 2015 rankings.

Oak Furniture Land are ranked above brands such as BT, Tesco, Samsung, Lidl and The National Lottery.

Please find the full top 20 Highest brand recall across 2015 table below.

Highest brand recall across 2015